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Hair Only 2018

August 25, 2018 Wedding

Hair Only

Olga was so great for my daughter's wedding. A little background on why we selected Olga - The bride lives in England and the MOB lives about 2 hours from where the wedding was to take place. So I went to TT for recommendations after other sources weren't working out. Olga's reviews were great. When we talked, she was re-assuring. We touched base a few times before the wedding date, sharing photos of hair styles, confirming times, instructions. And once she started working with the bridal party and the bride, everything went smoothly even though the bride didn't have a trial hair session and 3 of the bridal party had very long hair. Olga worked through it all, very calm, very professional and very artistic, working in the special requests. The bride was EXTREMELY happy with her updo. As was everyone else. Olga is the go to Hair Stylist if you need one. You won't be disappointed.

Donna M

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