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What is airbrushing?

Traditional makeup rubs makeup on your skin whether you apply it by brush or by sponge onto your skin.

Airbrushing sprays a mist of foundation (air)  so the makeup "goes on" evenly on your skin instead.

It gives you a flawless and even skin tone, smooth and naturally even skin in any light.  The pressure of the airbrush is very gentle and allows for a smooth application of makeup without any smudges.  It allows for precision and beautiful makeup application. In many ways, it is an art in itself, feeling of the air.

Airbrushing also covers up:  Red spots, brown spots, any spot, tattoos, scars, wrinkle or blemish... even dark circles under your eyes! You'll look dazzling, with a glow of light on your face.

 Airbrushed makeup lasts over 12 hours without smearing, running, fading or caking. It will not come off until you take it off.   This would be for the glamour makeup foundation.

 For heavier coverage the foundation is called the paramedical foundation that lasts 18hrs which will not run.  This heavier makeup covers everything same as the glamour BUT lasts a little longer.


When applying the airbrush it is very important that the client closes their eyes,  Only when applying eye makeup by airbrush the artist should have some cotton swabs to clean up any excess color under or side of the eye. 


C.O.F has done research into getting a good airbrush kit to make all her clients look beautiful on their special day.   She took her time and studied each brand that was out there from Temptu,  Luminess Air, and Dinair.  She has chosen Dinair airbrush machine.

 She saw a lot of reviews on it and read on the makeup where as others have silicone. I personally wouldn't recommend silicone based foundations, but that's just because I find they clog pores. I know MAC carries some silicone based foundations in their collection as well as a few other brands.

Dinairs makeup is 100% water-based airbrush makeup. It contains no alcohol, oil nor silicone. The makeup is true water-based makeup and  sets immediately. There is no sticky feeling of the makeup.  There is also no setting with powder. Once applied, it's good for over twelve hours, it will never run, fade nor cake on you. 

It’s water based makeup and is hypoallergenic.   The secret to Dinair's formula doesn't clog your pores, doesn't dry your skin, it lets your skin "breath" because of the way their airbrush works.


If you look at the difference of Temptu and Dinair machine,  the Temptu uses pods which snaps onto the airbrush machine, you cannot mix colors to match the persons complexion.  Besides that the makeup itself is very pricey.  Whereas the Dinair, you can mix colors in the airbrush gun in the cup holder. The pricing of the colors are very reasonable.  You can even buy a pack of 5 colors , 1/4oz   size bottle for 80.00.  Besides of the pricing of the makeup, the size of machine is completely small and cute compared to others.  I have been using the Dinair and I love it. 

** When the research  was done on the machines back in 2007/2008, Temptu did not have the compressor to use the airbrush makeup they had the airpods which snaps in.  Now their small compressor uses waterbased makeup that you can mix like the Dinair but it's not with a gun it's within the machine itself **

Here is the reviews of the top airbrush machines




What the Dinair can do -





 Dinair @ The 2009 Fox Reality Awards



A makeup artist who uses dinair airbrush


Olga with the founder of the Dinair, Dina at the IBS show April ​2011

The Dinair workshop(assisting) July 2013

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