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2020 Trend

Wedding trend for 2020 giving your wedding that personal style makes it your own, from giant balloons, floral arches and giant lights. Most online searches were gowns with pockets and also photobooths to have memories with your guests and they can share that wonderful moment they had at your wedding.

A big trend from Meghan Markle to thank for her simple wedding bridal gown. Meghan’s dress was elegant and modern, with an incredible lengthy veil that any bride would be proud to wear.

The Meghan effect has been seen up and down the aisle in the past year, with this sleek bridal trend set to carry on into the new year. Other trends- Sleeves are also making a come back on gowns, red lip big flower bouquet , great venue lighting to enhance your room for your guests.

On another note - most brides are having just themselves and 2 members of their wedding party to get services of makeup and hair. Although everyone is different, why not have your bridal party look fabulous as well. Most or some artists charge alot, you just have to look who does both so its easier and there cost plus their work. In some cases clients over rule cost than looking at artists work. It should be an overall focus on whole thing.

The trends you make are your own as it's your day.

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