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As receiving emails once I returned back to NY, my business was getting busy and building up clientele. It wasn't as quick as I thought, but it's better than nothing.

The most that I dont like is when people promise to leave a review for your services. Majority of the brides have not sent a review. They are important for the artist to show future perspective clients how I work how I work with my assistant and showing my proffessionlism towards clients. I can say as the years went by, I received many reviews and about possibly 25% - 35% I have not received any reviews and or pictures from brides as they promised which left me in lower stand point on the sites I advertise on to be nominated on the site for a potential good artist. :( One way or another, I guess it all works out, I may not have a review from the client posted on the wedding website I advertise on such as weddingwire, wedfolio etc.. but I have them posted on my site from pictures I have taken with my camera and at the end of the service before I pack up and leave, the bride has always been happy with the end result. Im sure every artist has had their share of dealing with zillas.

It mostly happens to most of us if not all. Through the years from the time I started in 2005 until present 2015 I have dealt with minimal tolerance. The most I can say percentage wise from 2005 to present (2015) it's about 5% which is very minimal amount of people that I had to deal with who tried to get over. It really wasn't alot drama which I am glad.

Here is a bride that didn't leave an actual review but her and her bridal party were happy with the end result and felt happy about the overall transformation and said thank you. I apologize if the picture isn't so clear.

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